Monday, December 10, 2007

"Fr. Sparky?"

The other day while helping to repair some outdoor lighting at the Church, the fact emerged that I spent a couple of years working for an electrician when I was a teenager.

Soon, the electrical puns and electrician jokes were flying! "Isn't it nice to have a priest who is also an electrician?", it was asked. "Because:
He is well-'grounded',
He doesn't 'shock' anyone,
He knows how to avoid 'polarizing' the congregation,
He patiently works to identify and correct our 'faults',
He 'lights-up' the Church,
He knows how to hook us up to the 'power'."

I guess the electrical field is pretty well-suited for puns, because I remembered at least one or two myself from my two year stint, such as "sooner or later every electrician meets a 'shocking end'." (That's one that I can repeat!)


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