Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Cross

Recently I came across this prayer, which has become a welcome addition to my daily prayers. I don't know who it is written by (any tips would be appreciated), but it is printed on a beautful card that comes from "the National Shrine of St. Odilia". It reminds me of the hymn Beneath the cross of Jesus...

Praise be to thee, O Christ
for the gift of thy Glorious Cross!
Through the Power of thy Death and
Resurrection, be our Champion over
the evil which afflicts us
the sickness of our bodies,
the errors of our minds,
the confusion of our feelings,
the guilt of our consciences,
the brokenness of our relationships,
and the weakness of our faith.
Make good our hope in thee,
and bring us now and forever to glory in thee,
O Crucified and Risen Lord.


Blogger The Miller Menagerie said...

After doing a brief internet search, in which I combined any two of the phrases of the prayer, and found only one reference to it on the internet:

Your blog post!

I'm thinking it is an original. Maybe the Crosiers wrote it?

12:58 PM  
Blogger Continuing Home said...

Thanks for conducting the search -- you spared me the effort. (As I start coming up for air from an intense time of powerpoints and magazine articles.)

5:26 PM  

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